Best way to cure plantar warts

Finally a real cure for Plantar Warts!

I should have wrote this like 2 years ago when I discovered how to cure plantar warts but I’m sharing it now so read.

I tried this same method on not only myself but my boyfriend (Justin).  We both have been free of plantar warts for 2 years now.  I got my first wart when I was 8 years old.  My doctor tried freezing it, he said if this doesn’t work it will eventually go away on its own.   When I was 21 the one wart I had multiplied into over 50 warts of all sizes.  The warts had spread to Justin through our shower floor.  We had wasted tons of money on OTC and prescribed drugs and doctor appointments.  I was considering laser surgery which was estimated over $3000 just for my warts.  I don’t have that kind of money so  at 23 years old I was fed up so I researched and discovered the best, full-proof,  cheapest way to get rid of these warts at last.

Here’s how I cured Justin’s and my warts.

  • First you buy yourself some hospital grade Lysol

This link will take you to exactly the Lysol you need but it’s expensive cause it’s concentrated but it’s what you need (and so worth it).  I’m not a salesperson, I don’t care where you buy your Lysol.  Research and you might find it cheaper somewhere else like Amazon or E bay for example.

  • Buy an abrasive foot paddle (I bought a really good one from sally’s beauty supply).,default,pd.html?cm_vc=CROSSSELL

  • Fill the spray bottle with half room temp. water and half concentrate Lysol.
  • Fill up your tub with enough hot water to cover your feet
  • Poor in 8 oz of Lysol
  • Soak your wart foot/feet inside tub for 5 minutes
  • Put on the rubber gloves
  • Spray your foot paddle with mixed Lysol spray
  • Grab your foot and start scrubbing the wart infested areas ( I scrubbed until  I removed some of the wart skin and some of the warts bleed a little but it didn’t hurt since the skin on the bottom of feet is tough)
  • Once you’ve scrubbed, dry your feet with paper towels in case of bleeding warts
  • Let your feet dry completely before putting socks or shoes on
  • Before you go to sleep that night, tape cotton balls absorbed (not soaking) with pure Lysol to the wart areas and cover with a sock 
  • Repeat based on your judgement

I did this myself about once a week for 3 weeks and noticed they were fading away before the third treatment.  I did this to myself and my boyfriend 2 years ago and have since been wart free.   Good luck to you and I hope to hear that it also worked for you.

How I discovered this

After researching what a plantar wart was I found that it’s a virus, I remembered in Cosmetology school we learned that hospital grade Lysol is virucidal (means it destroys virus’) and that’s when I thought to directly apply it to the warts.  You’re welcome 😉

And thank you to all the people who share their home remedies and holistic/natural remedies with the world.


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